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Call for Co-Editors

What Are We Looking For?

Ideally, this person or people would be familiar with multisensory, structured language programs or concrete-visual-abstract approaches for math instruction, and share the desire to apply these to math instruction for adult learners, as well as experience managing/ designing multimedia courses.


What will it require to create and share a curriculum designed to help adult learners build mathematical confidence and competence ?

For this project to work,

*Figure out priorities: what will be the curriculum and content? I have several possibilities and a fair amount of content already created, and am open to others, but they should address instruction (not review) in basic skills and content. Students with better backgrounds will proceed faster, with “deeper” lessons in the same content area so that differentiation would work in a classroom setting.

*Organize the elements and people, and create deadlines and schedules for content creation.

*Prioritize which specific content (active lessons w/ manipulatives, videos, different kinds of interactive practice) needs to be completed for a lesson to be deliverable. Hopefully we’ll grow a community and people can create and share resources (this is happening with Illustrative Math here: ).

*Other management and organization tasks I haven’t thought of yet.

David Wiley referred to OER as “infrastructure,” and noted that when the first roads were build, pizza delivery hadn’t been dreamt of. I’d like to create Math infrastructure that’s accessible to different kinds of users -- not just the car drivers of learning, but all kinds of folks who want to get places using different modes.

Time Commitment

Significant but flexible.


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Susan Jones


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