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Digital Annotation Project

What Are We Looking For?

Instructors who have used hypothesis or Lacuna or other digital annotation software


If anyone has used hypothesis or Lacuna, I am looking for best practices for how to utilize and engage students. If you would be so willing, please share. Thank you!

Time Commitment

10 minutes or less

Target Completion Date

1 Apr 2019


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None yet


  1. @Apurva Hello! Would you please let me know if this is the correct place for this activity? After speaking with Daniel and Fyza of Lacuna, there were some questions about how best to host the content for use with hypothesis and Lacuna. As I recall from the peer review, if hypothesis is “on,” there is that pop up on the right margin that can be irritating for other users if they are not using hypothesis. I am checking in to see if that is still the current environment or what you might recommend? The draft chapter should be done by 2/8 and then this project can begin to roll out with student use. Thanks!

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for your question the best place for this type of activity will be in the Rebus Forum: https://forum.rebus.community/category/44/edu-blueprint-for-success-in-college-and-career. From the page linked above, you can click on New Topic in the top left corner, and enter this information. This should make it easier for you to receive notifications from anyone sharing their experiences, and for them to connect with one another. Hope this helps!

  3. @Apurva: I clicked on that link and am logged in but there isn’t a New Topic option and I can’t find it anywhere… maybe I don’t have permission to create a new topic?