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Adopt or Adapt the Blueprint for Success Series!


The Blueprint for Success series is now available for use in classrooms around the world! The series comprises three books for the College Success and FYE (First-Year Experience) genre. The central text, Blueprint for Success in College and Career, is designed to show how to be successful in college and in career preparation, and focuses on study skills, time management, career exploration, health, and financial literacy. In addition, targeted sections on Study Skills and Time Management, and Career and Decision Making are available separately as Blueprint for Success in College: Indispensable Study Skills and Time Management Strategies, and Blueprint for Success in Career Decision Making.

If you’d like to adopt the series, or targeted sections, for use at your institution, either in a course or to include as part of your library’s resources, please let us know by commenting in the discussion!

Alternatively, if you’re planning on adapting the book to better fit your needs, please let us know in the discussion!


Apurva Ashok


Dave Dillon


Jan Coville


Karolia Macias


karl cameron



  1. Hello,

    I would like to use chapters 6-12 of the Career Decision Making book in my Career Development and Life Planning course. Those chapters align best with the content of the course and the career development needs of my students. I work at a non-traditional institution geared toward adult learners. Average age at our institution is 33 - so anything too geared toward traditional age career launchers doesn’t fit for everyone in my class. I have students from 18-60 in every course - and students at all stages of career development.

    I love this book! Well done. What are your thoughts on my using just that portion?

    Jan Coville

  2. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your interest and kind words! I’m glad you may have identified content that fits your needs and I think curating openly licensed content to meet the specific needs of your course/curriculum is part of what Open Education is all about. By all means, I fully support your choice for Chapters 6-12 (with proper attribution of course) and please let me know if I can be of assistance and/or if you may be interested in reviewing future versions, collaborating on ancillary development, and/or being part of a consulting group for future features, development, and potential changes. We’re also trying to keep track of adoptions/adaptions as best as possible, so it would be helpful if you may provide the institution, course name and number, and if you may have or develop ancillaries that you would be willing to openly license and share.

    Thanks again!

    - Dave

  3. Hello! Here’s an update:

    Hi All,

    I’m genuinely humbled by your choice of text for College Success courses and I’m still getting used to the idea of having curated something that is going beyond the main purpose of having a free textbook resource for students in my sections. (And since I receive no royalties when an adoption happens, it feels much more altruistic than to recruit adopters with a sales rep for publisher and author financial gain).

    My college (Grossmont College) is considering printing the url for the text on paper and handing out to students in our counseling area, assessment, outreach/orientation, etc. (just an idea – it may get the information out there to students who haven’t registered for our courses and have a greater reach).

    I recommend and invite anyone who has adopted or who is considering adopting any of the Blueprint texts to join the activity on Rebus Projects, so we can use this platform to share feedback when using the resource for our classes: https://projects.rebus.community/resource/qUdL9XRraZkRt7oaz2zFHi/adopt-or-adapt-the-blueprint-for-success-series.

    We are working on creating a shared space for ancillaries and be able to share ancillaries, assignments, class exercises, best practices, etc. As soon as we decide if Google Drive, Dropbox, or other is best, we will communicate that back out.

    Also, I am excited to inform you about hypothes.is: https://web.hypothes.is/, a digital annotation and collaboration tool that students can use with the OER text. I used hypothes.is for the peer and accessibility reviews but have not yet used in in my sections. I may jump in this semester. If any of you are interested in using this (free) tool in your sections, please let me know (I’d love to hear what your experience is).

    Please let me know if you have any questions, find any errors in the text, or have suggestions or feedback from you or your students: https://projects.rebus.community/resource/n5UZJqQJwqFSf2p7y71PAo/feedback%2C-errata%2C-and-revision-requests.

    Finally, if anyone may be interested in collaborating on a project to create a new chapter on cultural competency and global studies awareness for the OER College Success text, please let me know.

    Many thanks and have a great Fall semester!


  4. Here are a few updates:

    One of the challenges with OER is being able to track adoptions and adaptions. With no purchases or royalties, it is easy for adoptions to happen without anyone knowing. One reason it is important to be able to track adoptions as best as possible is to show data on usage, success, retention, DWF, etc., which may assist with future grant funding. If you would be so willing to complete a short google form, the open community and I would appreciate it: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdIj_Te3hiuJL7cKaofhhUHuDz3_hlVXg6Wg1IPcDZoH2pRrg/viewform

    A google drive has been created (thanks for your suggestion Lynn!) which can serve as a repository for ancillaries and teaching resources. It does not have anything in it yet – that is because I am researching the best way to share my canvas course content – if that may be of use to anyone (I’m looking into Canvas Commons vs. giving guest access to my course vs. placing all of my assignments, course content, etc. into google drive). I should know the best way to go soon and will let you know. If you have any suggestions please let me know. If you would like access to the drive, please let me know.

    Update on some ongoing projects: Rocio Terry is working on PowerPoint development and is scheduled to complete those to be able to share by early December. I have a few more questions to edit for quizzes and will be able to share those likely toward the end of this semester as well. I’m developing a Cultural Competency chapter – if anyone may be interested in collaborating or being a reviewer for that, please let me know. I expect the draft to be done by the end of December and am planning for the review to take place in January/February. Work will begin on an audio version of the texts and likely be a year-long project. A Spanish version of the texts will likely follow the audio version.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, constructive criticism, feedback, etc. please let me know. The texts continue to be a work in progress but show improvement each semester.

    Thanks for your continued enthusiasm, support, and for your commitment to addressing textbook affordability for students.

    Finally, I am reiterating information from my Syllabus with the print copy option link for the College and Career text from lulu below as there are a few new folks on the addressee list (links to lulu for print copies of the Study Skills and Time Management text and the Career Decision Making text will be available in the next week or two – I will send them out as soon as they are ready).


    Blueprint for Success in College and Career v1.2

    The required textbook for the course is an OER (Open Educational Resource) and is available free to students. The webbook (digital) version of the text is here:


    It is also available for download for offline viewing in epub3, epub, pdf (print or digital), mobi, xhtml, pressbooks xml, and wordpress xml and can be viewed on most desktops, laptops, tablets, kindles, nooks, and smartphones (see the "download this book option" on the homepage of the webbook version (link above)).

    If you are interested in a print version of the textbook, you may order v1.2 from lulu.com here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dave-dillon/blueprint-for-success-in-college-and-career-v12/paperback/product-23760694.html for $12.44 (including shipping with an approximate two week delivery) or contact the Grossmont bookstore and request version 1.2 (approximately $15). The print version is not required - it is optional.

    As there are previous and current versions of three different Blueprint for Success texts with similar titles, please make sure that if purchasing a print text that you acquire the correct text Blueprint for Success in College and Career and version v1.2 for this course.



  5. The effort Dave mentioned above, to create an audio version of the “Blueprint for Success in College and Career” is now a live project! If you’d like to get involved please join us here: https://projects.rebus.community/project/f8Czpu74dN6QnmnJz3zs7v/audiobook-of-blueprint-for-success-in-college-and-career