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Contribute an Author Introduction

What Are We Looking For?

Faculty, researchers, or PhD students to write short author introductions


If you’re interested in contributing an author introduction, look through the TOC to find remaining sections and comment in the discussion below.


Since all have likely encountered, read, and/or taught their fair share of commercial literature anthologies, we haven’t a doubt that you understand the makeup of a successful author introduction. Let’s just say there are four basic requirements:

  • Biography: years born and deceased, places lived, relevant details.

  • Career: an overview of the author’s works with brief descriptions.

  • Context: their place in literary history, in literature movements, among different political and social milieus.

  • Comparison: a comparative gesture to other authors and works in the anthology.

Between these bullet points, there’s no real specific order, and, of course, there exists overlap in the aims and descriptions. But we think it is safe to say that the best introductions touch on all of these elements in an effort to give undergraduate readers the fullest and most relevant picture possible of a given author.

In terms of “fullest,” however, we don’t mean “longest.” In fact, we think it’s best to lean on the side of brevity. Students can locate interesting tidbits about an author’s family on Wikipedia—but that sort of trivia might not prove relevant for the teaching of that author. Ultimately, we trust your judgment.

Word Count

Aim for around 750-1500 words.

Format & Submission

Please share your introduction in an editable Word or Google document. Files can be sent to Apurva Ashok (apurva@rebus.community).

Time Commitment

4 weeks


Apurva Ashok


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