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Feedback, Errata, and Revision Requests


We are actively and enthusiastically soliciting feedback from students, faculty, and others using the books in the Blueprint for Success series:

If you’ve found a typo or other issue we should correct, or if there is there something you’d like clarified, expanded upon or added, please let us know in the discussion below.


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Apurva Ashok


Dave Dillon



  1. I have a hypothesis plugin in my browser and it is highlighting a number of revision comments in the Study Skills and Time Management book in this series. It looks like one of the hypothe.sis reviewers (RebusReviewer01) posted comments on the public hypothesis group for this textbook and that these comments were over looked. This reviewer caught a number of wording/spelling errors that are still present in the book. There are two such errors on this page: https://press.rebus.community/blueprint1/front-matter/what-to-expect-for-the-student/, but it looks like there are comments on many pages in this book that need to be reviewed.

    I took a quick flip through the other books in this series and it only seems to be an issue in this one.

  2. Hi Josie,

    Thanks so much for your post. This was partially a known issue that should be resolved at the end of this week (we have been trying to figure out the best way to move the accidental public reviewer comments so that they would not be public, but be able to retain them for archiving/record keeping with any associated context. You’re correct - the comments for that text had been overlooked and corrections have been made today. Thanks again!

  3. Follow up: The hypothes.is revision comments have been archived and moved outside of the public view and the errors have been corrected. Thank you!