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Slide Decks

What Are We Looking For?

Psychology faculty with experience teaching first year courses


We need your help with creating slide decks for each of the 12 chapters in Principles of Social Psychology:

  1. Introducing Social Psychology - DONE

  2. Social Cognition - DONE

  3. The Self - DONE

  4. Attitudes, Behaviour and Persuasion - DONE

  5. Perceiving Others - DONE

  6. Influencing and Conforming - DONE

  7. Liking and Loving -DONE

  8. Helping and Altruism - DONE

  9. Aggression - DONE

  10. Working Groups: Performance and Decision Making - DONE

  11. Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination - DONE

  12. Competition and Cooperation in Our Social Worlds

    Contributors will be given a template, guide and model slide deck created by an expert in psychology teaching practices who is part of the team.


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Apurva Ashok


Gabrielle Smith


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