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Help Locate and Excerpt Public Domain Texts

What Are We Looking For?

Anyone to help search for texts listed in the TOC


If you are helping to locate texts to be included in the anthology, please comment in the discussion below.

As well, here’s what you need to know.

While texts can be captured from any public domain source, Paul Royster of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has invited us to use the materials from his series of Electronic Texts in American Studies, online at http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/etas/. All texts are public domain. We’re free to use or adapt any of his editorial notes as well, and to apply a CC license if desired.

Required Info

Please include in your submission:

  • Title

  • Author name

  • The anthology section it belongs in

  • The chapter it belongs in (if not just the author name)

  • Your name (so we can credit you!)

  • A link to the source text

  • The text or section of text to be included (lightly edited and formatted as necessary)

    Format & Submission

    Please share your introduction in an editable Word or Google document. Files can be sent to Apurva Ashok (apurva@rebus.community).


Apurva Ashok


Corey Wetherington


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