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Beta-test the book

What Are We Looking For?

Guitarists who meet the criteria below


For this project, we are asking interested beta testers to commit to beta testing at minimum, the first 5 units, each around 700 words with approx. 10 short solo or duet exercises.The entire method book is 20 units long. If the beta-tester desires, he/she is invited to provide feedback for as many units as he/she is capable of testing. We expect the remaining units to be ready in the summer, and aim to complete beta testing by August 1st.

The beta testers will be asked to complete the first 5 units of the method book (approximately a minimum of 15 hours). Beta testers are encouraged, but not expected, to go through the entire series. Once the beta testers have completed as many units as they would like to get through (minimum first 5 units), they can provide their feedback via an online survey (approximately 30 minutes). The units are available online and are free to the user.

We’re hoping to secure at least 20 beta testers on the book and would aim to have the process completed by August 1 latest (note: units 16-20 will be completed in July, so beta testers may only receive 2-3 weeks).

The ideal beta-tester is a guitarist who meets the following criteria:

  • desires to learn to understand standard notation and apply it to the guitar

  • knows little to nothing about standard notation and sight-reading

  • demonstrates a minimum of low-intermediate level of technical facility

  • possesses any type of six-string guitar applies (nylon-string, steel-string, electric, etc.)

  • does not need to be interested in classical guitar playing, all stylistic interests apply

  • can devote at least 15 hours of time to the method book and survey

Since this project juggles a lot of multimedia (text, instructional videos, PDFs - for musical scores- and MP3s), it might be difficult to know exactly what type of feedback to provide. Of course, the team welcomes any feedback you deem important. However, to help guide your feedback, we have created a beta testing guide that includes a general rubric and a short online survey.

The book is available online here (and will eventually be made available in other formats). More details on how to leave feedback are included in the beta testing guide linked above (or in the Resources below), and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the process or the book.

Target Completion Date

1 Aug 2018


Apurva Ashok


None yet


  1. I’m confused by the document linked to as a beta testing guide. What does it have to do with learning sight reading?

    The survey would come afterward, then?

  2. Hi Susan, thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I’ve restored the guide document, and you should be able to access it now.

    The survey will come afterword – so once you have gone through as much of the book as you would like to, you can fill out and complete the survey. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi! At Peabody, we have a preparatory school and conservatory program (with a pedagogy focus). I’d be happy to share this with our community to solicit feedback. Is there anything you need from us to make that happen?


  4. Hi Kathleen! We’d love if you could share this with your community – all the resources are linked above. You can share a copy of the book, the beta-testing guide, and a link to the survey, and ask anyone who is willing to act as a tester to let me know either here on Rebus Projects or via email (apurva@rebus.foundation).

    Thanks so much for sharing our call, and we look forward to hearing what people have to say about the resource!

  5. Dear Kathleen,

    Thank you so much for your interest in spreading the call for beta-testing to your community at Peabody. I would be so excited if any of your community’s teachers and/or students would like to use it and provide feedback. I suggest that younger students use the resource while under the guidance of a teacher. But, older and more self-motivated students could use it on their own. Please feel free to email with any further questions (cgreen@aucegypt.edu).

    All the best,


  6. Units 6 through 10 are now available online. If you've completed the first five units, you can now move on to the next set!

    Since this project juggles a lot of multimedia (text, instructional videos, PDFs - for musical scores - and MP3s), it might be difficult to know exactly what type of feedback to provide. Of course, our team welcomes any feedback you deem important. Our beta-testing guide contains some guiding questions for you to keep in mind as you read through the book.

    Once you've gone through as much of the book as you would like to test, please fill out this short survey.

    If you have any questions, please let us know here!