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What Are We Looking For?

Anyone with an interest in Evolutionary Game Theory and Computer Programming. No experience in either field is necessary


The book lives at https://wisc.pb.unizin.org/agent-based-evolutionary-game-dynamics/.

The book is organised in parts, each of which contains several chapters. The first part is “0. Introduction” and contains 3 chapters. The second part is "1. Our first agent-based evolutionary model" and contains 6 chapters.

All these chapters are pretty much finished, so they are ready to be read and criticised. Anyone interested in the topics covered in the book is most welcome to read the chapters and comment on them. No previous experience in coding or Evolutionary Game Theory is needed. We will appreciate any comments.

Time Commitment

2-3 hours per chapter.

Target Completion Date

31 Dec 2018


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Luis R. Izquierdo


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