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OER is about borrowing ;)

I am thinking that oercommons.org is a good place for these lessons to live, but also, perhaps at the Canvas site as an “online course” — though probably a “course” for teachers to borrow from, not a “ready for student use” course.

I have this Math Course on my menu already — a “Basic Arithmetic” course from Scottsdale AZ from 2013 … and it seems to have a lot of the organizational parts of a course that could be helpful. I say this' because when I’ve gone to PhET and looked at their simulations, I’m always thinking… but what would I *do* with this?

I am thinking that a lesson skeleton can start with a warm-up activity that’s really “warm-up,” not “have you forgotten *this* yet?” — and that subitizing and different representations of numbers would be a good start.

https://youtu.be/q95v4OnWgYE and https://youtu.be/LyIF7A_vr3o are two videos I made for a proposed online course at my college. Yes, they’re aimed at my anxious learners…

… I’ll try to put together a real lesson around them by Monday afternoon :)

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