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Adopt or Adapt Financial Strategy for Public Managers!


The Financial Strategy for Public Managers open textbook is now available for use in classrooms around the world! You can find out more about the book and the process of creating this OER on the project homepage.

If you’d like to adopt the book for use at your institution, either in a course or to include as part of your library’s resources, please let us know by commenting in the discussion!

If you’re planning on adapting the book to better fit your needs, please let us know in the discussion!


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Apurva Ashok


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  1. I glanced at this book at the beginning of the fall semester and thought it would work well in my master’s budgeting class. I am reading it in depth right now and would like to use it for the spring semester. I’ve used a number of different finance and budget books over the post 10 years and have yet to find the perfect book. I don’t think it exists, but I also got tired of asking my student’s to spend 3 figures on a single text. BTW, I was a local government budget professional for many years before switching full time to the academy 6 years ago. I incorporate a lot of Excel in my classes and I look forward to trying out this book.

  2. Hi John, we’re so pleased to hear that you will be using the textbook in the upcoming semester! Thanks so much for sharing a bit more about yourself, and some of the reasons that you’ll be switching to this OER. As the book is licensed CC BY, you are welcome to adapt the contents to better fit the needs for your course, and hopefully get closer to that ‘perfect book.’

    The book is available in multiple formats online, but can also be downloaded in editable and offline formats. If some students in your course preferred to read a print version of the book, they could order a print copy from Amazon.com or alternatively, use the print PDF file (available from the book’s homepage) to print the book from the campus bookstore or local printer.

    Tracking OER can be fairly challenging, so if it’s not too much trouble, we request that you fill out our Adoption Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdIj_Te3hiuJL7cKaofhhUHuDz3_hlVXg6Wg1IPcDZoH2pRrg/viewform?usp=sf_link. This helps us calculate student savings and also connect the instructors, faculty, and educators using the book.