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Become a Part Editor

What Are We Looking For?

People with a PhD in philosophy and teaching experience at the first year level


Our approach to begin creating content is to identify volunteer Part editors with the required specialist knowledge to lead each part and work with the lead editor to bring the book to publication. We’re looking for people who will take on a whole section (like ethics, political philosophy) and be in charge of chapters for that section – making sure they get written, making suggestions to improve them (though we’ll also have others reading and reviewing along the way, hopefully).

We’re looking for editors for:

Please read the job description for more information on this role, and comment below if you are interested.

Time Commitment

Dependent on which book one is editing; the Aesthetics book already has several chapters authored while the Philosophy of Science book will be entirely new


Apurva Ashok


None yet


  1. Hi Apurva,

    I’m interested in being the editor of the Philosophy of Science book. I have published and taught in philosophy of science in the past. Is there a timeline for when this book needs to be finished?


    Eran Asoulin.

  2. Hi Eran,

    Thank you for your interest! Would you be able to send a copy of your CV and any relevant information on your experience/expertise in the area to Apurva and I?



    And we are pretty flexible on timeline, largely because this is a volunteer project and we need to work with what will work for those who are participating. I don’t have any firm deadline in mind for this book, though of course the sooner we get it out the sooner it can be used! :)

    I look forward to talking more about this possibility!

    Christina Hendricks