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Record audio chapters

What Are We Looking For?

Anyone with


There will be more details on how to do it soon, but please just register your interest here and we’ll contact you shortly.

Time Commitment

About 2 hrs per chapter

Target Completion Date

1 May 2019


  • None yet.


Hugh McGuire




Apurva Ashok


Dexter Xurukulasuriya



  1. There are 60 odd chapters. Please just join the project or activity and we’ll assign chapters soon.

  2. Hello! this is a perfect project for my students in public speaking. I would really love to help. I have 40 students in the spring and I would assign them this project to complete between February and March, giving me time to ask that they re-do any recordings that are sub-par. I would take care of scaffolding the delivery (rate, articulation, etc.) but if you have additional scaffolding materials please let me know. My preference would be that several of them would share a chapter but depending on how much interest you get I suppose I could have one person per chapter…I guess it depends on how long the chapters are. My name is lee pierce I am a visiting asst prof of communication at SUNY Geneseo and my email is piercel@geneseo.edu. Myself and my students look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Thank you so much Lee, great to have you on board!