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Okay, I'm getting accustomed to this :)

This is a “beta project.” Yesterday I encouraged a co-worker here to sign up (especially since she has already helped with so much of this project!), and … she was “in moderation.”

So, I inquired how to “moderate” and learned that hey, there *are* interested people! Big apologies for ignoring you until now.

THANK YOU for being interested in this! I’m going to assume you’ll be notified of being “approved,” and/or notified that there’s something in the discussion — and I hope you’ll take some minutes and let me know why/how you’re interested in this project.

Andrew, I love your framework that the only rule in Math is “Don’t Lie” :) … and that you’ve got folks with “pre-pre algebra” skills. I’d be glad to share things from our “Transitions” math — our teacher made her own text and I’d be glad to share it, though since it’s for her self, it doesn’t have what she says in class.

Michael — we already chatted (I’m not sure what I did differently or if things were set up differently). My “next thing” after organizing the “justification”

David — tell me more about tech ! While I don’t want this to be dependent on tech the potential of tech, especially with drag and drop on touch screens, needs to be explored.

I had been just organizing the research justification for this project since I thought I had only one interested response. The blog version culminates here . The other thing that happened yesterday at our “Rebus call-in” was that an instructor from California noted that since California is doing away wiht developmental math, she is hoping that we can get a “transferable math skills” (just made that up because “basic” implies just one more arithmetic procedure resource) OER out for the many, many people whose needs won’t be met with college level placement, even with support. My next step is to send a targeted email to some folks I know in California…

… again, sorry about being an echo chamber — that should end now :) Let me know what’s happening!

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