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Write a Section Introduction

What Are We Looking For?

Faculty or doctoral students


If you’d like to write an introduction for the following sections in the anthology, let us know in the discussion below:

  • Pre-contact, Contact, and Colonization

  • New England/Puritanism

  • Struggles, Revolution, and Nation

  • American Renaissance/Romanticism

  • Abolition and Civil War

Time Commitment

3 hours

Target Completion Date

15 Jun 2018


Apurva Ashok


Timothy Robbins


Crystal Calhoun



  1. I’m Crystal Calhoun, and I teach composition and literature for West Georgia Technical College. If there are some sections left, I would be happy to contribute with section introductions. I’ve been working on moving all of our English classes to OER for the last year. I’m very interested in all of the sections mentioned above, but I especially enjoy American Romanticism.

  2. Hi Crystal, thanks for your interest in the anthology and for your willingness to author a section introduction! Tim Robbins, the lead editor, will be the best person to confirm whether there are any sections left, so I’ll let him chime in here. :)