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What Are We Looking For?

Instructional designers or anyone who's interested in creating educational activities -- or just seeing what we're coming up with!


We’ll have models of activities that can be adapted to different math content. For instance, “Connecting Representations” activities have students sort different images and symbolic representations of mathematical ideas. This could be as simple as numbers — the symbol 3, a die icon w/ 3 showing, and a number bar image - or an array or groups of objects or “3 x 5” for multiplication — or as advanced as one could get.

If you want to get beyond print, we’ll also help you learn to use open source creative tools for developing them such as GIMP for image creation, Geogebra for interactive digital activities, so you’ll be learning too!

The more practice options with different kinds of context, the better. Content could be aimed at a specific career or geographic location.

Teachers are already doing this for the Illustrative Math OER curriculum with a google doc here.

Time Commitment

Extremely flexible -- from 15 minutes to ... as much as you want.


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Susan Jones


Andrew Knauft


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