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Agent-Based Evolutionary Game Dynamics

Evolutionary Game Theory & Computer Programming

About this Project

This book is a guide to implement and analyze simple agent-based evolutionary models using NetLogo. The first chapters of the book are available at https://wisc.pb.unizin.org/agent-based-evolutionary-game-dynamics/.

All the models we implement and analyze are agent-based, i.e. individual agents and their interactions are explicitly represented in the models. To formalise agents’ interactions we use the basic framework of Evolutionary Game Theory.

NetLogo (http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/) is a modeling platform used by hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and researchers all around the globe to build agent-based models. No coding experience is necessary to fully understand the contents of this book.


Everyone contributing to this project will be credited following the usual rules for attribution and recognition in Academia.


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Luis R. Izquierdo

Project Manager

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