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Programming Fundamentals

Computer Programming

Programming Fundamentals is available for use!

This book has been released and is ready for you to adopt, adapt and provide feedback on.

Let the team know how you’re using it.

About this Project

If you teach an introductory programming course in any programming language, this book is designed for you!

The original content for this book was written specifically for a course based on C++. The goal for this second edition is to make it programming-language neutral, so that it may serve as an introductory programming textbook for students using any of a variety of programming languages, including C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Swift.

Programming concepts are introduced generically, with logic demonstrated in pseudocode and flowchart form, followed by examples for different programming languages. Emphasis is placed on a modular, structured approach that supports reuse, maintenance, and self-documenting code.

The book has been beta tested and is ready for adoption. We welcome additional peer reviewers for all programming languages.

The current copy of the book is now available at Rebus Press:

Join us in making fundamental programming concepts free, accessible, and available to all!


Zoe Wake Hyde

Project Manager

Dave Braunschweig

Lead Author

Una Daly