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Marking OER Courses: Best Practices and Case Studies



Michelle Reed

Project Manager

Sarah Hare

Lead Editor

Jessica Kirschner

Lead Editor

About this Project

The “Texas Toolkit for OER Course Markings (a living guide)” is a living document that can help colleges and universities develop and implement processes to share information with students about courses that use open education resources (OER). This project expands the toolkit to include case studies representing a variety of approaches to OER course markings, brief stories from the perspectives of various stakeholders, and a more robust analysis of stakeholders, options, and barriers. Items slated for further exploration include platform specs, talking points for stakeholder groups, graphic illustrations and flow charts, communication opportunities and roadblocks, branding considerations, and impact.


The resource resulting from this project will be published under a CC BY 4.0 license by Mavs Open Press using Pressbooks. All contributing authors, editors, and reviewers will be credited in the book’s acknowledgments and metadata. Additional attribution will accompany individual chapters or sections, as appropriate. Contributors will also be featured in promotional materials.