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UNESCO Open Education for a Better World - Professional Development through Collaborative Learning and Open Education Practices for Language Education


About this Project

UNESCO Professional Development through Collaborative Learning and Open Education Practices (OEP) for Language Education

Connecting professionals for professional development has become a major need in current education environments. Open Education Practices (OEP) offer an alternative to engage in intercultural collaboration among teachers worldwide as well as sharing best practices and concerns. This book edition aims to collect research and theoretical informed practices in virtual exchange, virtual mobility, bilingual education, collaborative open learning, and technology for language learning and teaching.

This open book will feature topics below focused on developing countries or rural areas including the following: This is a second phase of the Open Education for a Better World Project in Uzbekistan in collaboration with the University of Nova Gorica.

Professional Development through language education in rural areas and developing countries can involve Collaborative Learning and OEP. This open book will have 2 main parts see dates below.

  1. First call will focus on the theory of language education and teaching from the topic areas below.

  2. Second call will take place to localize the theory from the first call through case studies using the theories creating local editions to Uzbekistan and Mexico.

Call for book chapters - Topic ideas

  1. Open Virtual Mobility (OpenVM)

  2. Open Education Practices (OEP) and Virtual Exchanges (VE)

  3. Virtual Exchange (VE)

  4. Virtual Mobility (VM)

  5. Collaborative Open Learning

  6. Bilingual Education using digital technologies or VE

  7. Extensive Reading and VE or VM

  8. Foundations of Teaching Languages with digital technologies

  9. Instructional Design for digital language learning

  10. Podcasts and/or Educational Videos in language education

  11. Teaching languages with digital technologies in rural areas

  12. Multi-sensory learning/learning disabilities in language learning and digital technologies

We welcome currently published OER text with the above topics to be included for the localized versions and we will reference current OER text if you notify us of the resource that you would like included in this OER.

Note: We will have an updated call for proposals following the UNESCO workshops July 2-7 2018.


  1. Dr. Chrissi Nerantzi, Principal Lecturer Academic CPD, Centre for Excellence in Learning, Teaching, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, GO-GN member, UNESCO mentor - Open Education for a Better World

  2. Dr. Kamakshi Rajagopal, Professor at Open Universiteit, Netherlands

  3. Naomi Wahls, UNESCO mentor - Open Education for a Better World, GO-GN member, Open Education SIG committee member, and Ph.D Candidate at Open Universiteit, Netherlands

  4. Mexico Edition Editor: Vicky Ariza Pinzón, English professor and PhD Student at Benémerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico.

  5. Uzbekistan Edition Editor: Dr. Alisher Abidjanov, Vanderbilt Peabody Fellow and UNESCO mentee - Open Education for a Better World

Special Contribution from the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia from Dr. Tanja Urbančič and Mitja Jermol in collaboration with the project: Open Education for a Better World.

Publisher:​ ​Rebus Community: https://projects.rebus.community/

Preliminary Phase ending July 2018

Currently the re-certification for language educators in Uzbekistan is a 2 month in person training program that is mandatory for all language educators. Anyone who fails the in person training must complete the new pilot online course.

The Uzbek pilot online course will be evaluated and updates will be proposed to include Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Educational Practices (OEP) and Virtual Intercultural Exchanges (VIEs) to improve the online version by providing opportunities for foreign language practising as well as integrating authentic learning activities so that the foreign language teachers get the maximum from the course and are better prepared for the examination.

There are 3 goals for the first phase of this project ending in July 2018:

  1. Review existing: Online Pilot Course in Moodle and make pedagogical, curriculum and technological recommendations to include OEP;

  2. Plan a link-up initiative with a unicollaborations project;

  3. Phase 2 starting July 2018 - Rebus OER textbook project.



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Naomi Wahls

Project Manager

Chrissi Nerantzi

Lead Editor

Vicky Ariza Pinzon

Lead Editor

Thuy Nguyen



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