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History of Applied Science and Technology

Humanities & Arts

About this Project

This textbook is designed to to meet the needs of History of Applied Science and Technology courses at colleges and universities around the world. Chapters will be organized around the theme of the transformative impact of technological and epistemological changes on worldview and human behavior as they relate to everyday life and global choices.

The book will contain fourteen to twenty modular chapters that provide instructors with content structured around a narrative focused on human transformation across time and geographic space – from fire through the present. This number will be ideally suited for courses of eight or fifteen week durations, but chapters will be fully editable so that instructors can tailor the textbook to the needs of their own classrooms.

Authors will have the opportunity to contribute in a variety of lengths: whole chapters; sections of chapters; or brief segments about the length of an encyclopedia article. We believe that students best learn history by doing history, and our method reflects this commitment. We ask authors to emphasize critical thinking, transparency, primary sources, and argument.


Contributing authors will have an author credit & individual author page featuring a bio and links to any other works that the author wishes to promote. Anyone contributing editing, proofreading or any other support will also be listed as a contributor to the project.


Apurva Ashok

Project Manager

danielle skjelver

Lead Editor

Leanne Page