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Research Methods in Psychology: 3rd American Edition



Carrie Cuttler

Project Manager

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About this Project

The primary goal of this project is to have Research Methods in Psychology: 3rd American Edition peer reviewed. A secondary goal is to have the book further distributed (so please share with your colleagues!)

About the Book

Research Methods in Psychology: 3rd American Edition is an evolving adaptation of Paul Price’s Research Methods in Psychology open textbook. Through contributions from several experts in the field this book has shown tremendous growth and development over the past few years. It is currently being used in undergraduate and graduate level courses and has received excellent student reviews.

The book provides detailed descriptions of the most commonly used research methods in psychology (e.g., experimental, correlational, observational, quasi-experimental, factorial, single-subject designs), along with the strengths and limitations of each, and important design considerations (e.g., demand characteristics, placebo effects, ethics). It also provides students with important foundations for understanding and critically evaluating research (e.g., reliability, validity). Relevant examples and real-world applications are highlighted throughout to keep students engaged with the material and to help them draw connections with their own lives.


Peer reviewers will be acknowledged in the acknowledgements section of the book.