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[Audiobook of] Blueprint for Success in College and Career

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About this Project

What is this project?

We are making an audio version of the successful open textbook, Blueprint for Success in College and Career, which is a students’ guide for classroom and career success. This text, designed to show how to be successful in college and in career preparation focuses on study skills, time management, career exploration, health, and financial literacy.

Why should you contribute to this project?

This book is a popular open textbook, and we believe it should be available as an audiobook, both for reasons of accessibility — giving access to this book to a wider group of students. This will be the first audio project undertaken by the Rebus Community, so you will be helping build a new model. We’d like your help getting this done!

What do we need:

For now we need:

  • volunteers to record chapters.

  • volunteers to help editing chapters.

How to join:

Click on “Join” above to the right!


Your voice will be heard by tens, hundreds, thousands or maybe millions, and you’ll help many become more successful in college and career.

You’ll be listed as a contributor to the project, and go down in history as a contributor to the first Rebus audio project!

We’ll recommend all contributors get an ORCID iD, which will allow you to add this publication as part of your ORCID profile!

Do you have other ideas of how to recognize you? Let us know!


Hugh McGuire

Project Manager

Dexter Xurukulasuriya

Project Manager

Dave Dillon

Lead Author

Zoe Wake Hyde


Dexter Xurukulasuriya


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