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Ancillary Materials for Principles of Social Psychology

Social Sciences

About this Project

This project primarily involves bringing together social psychologists to develop ancillary resources to support Principles of Social Psychology. The book already has large adoptions at UBC, Ohio State, and a few other smaller institutions (including KPU). The ancillaries might include a question bank, powerpoint slides, and an activity manual.

A secondary goal of this community will be to provide (and to peer review) suggestions for updates and improvements to the book itself.

About the book

The first International edition of Principles of Social Psychology provides students with an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of social psychology from an interactionist perspective. The presentation of classic studies and theories are balanced with insights from cutting-edge, contemporary research. An emphasis on real world examples and applications is intended to guide students to critically analyze their situations and social interactions in order to put their knowledge to effective use.


This project couldn’t happen without your participation. All contributing authors will be credited prominently in their chapter, the book, the metadata and promotional materials. All editors, reviewers and other contributors will also be credited.


Apurva Ashok

Project Manager

Jeremy Smith


Rajiv Jhangiani

Lead Author

Gabrielle Smith