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CORE 8 Early Childhood Courses: Repository of concepts. First Course: Health, Safety and Nutrition

Early Childhood Education

About this Project

Eight courses in the California Community Colleges Curriculum Alignment Project (CAP) are intended to become a foundational core for all early care and education professionals. This project is designed to develop a repository of concepts robust enough to form a completed text for the Core 8 ECE courses as described above but versatile enough to meet the diverse needs ,in part or whole, of ECE programs across the United States and beyond.

Seeking: Section Leads/Editors

We are seeking faculty and/or others actively working in the field of Early Childhood Education qualified, willing and interested in leading a team of authors for this open text. Section Leads/Editors: Commitment to help recruit and lead a small team of authors for a section of Health, Safety and Nutrition text. Please let us know which areas you are interested in covering by filling out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/xT97mWvD9whjPhIC3.

Other ways to participate

The eight courses in the order we are requesting contributors include the following:

Phase One:

  • Health, Safety and Nutrition

  • Principles and Practices

Phase Two and beyond:

  • Child, Family, Community

  • Observation and Assessment

  • Teaching in a Diverse Society

  • Child Growth and Development

  • Practicum

  • Introduction to Curriculum

We will first begin work on the titles listed in Phase One, moving to titles listed in Phase Two shortly after.



Jennifer Paris

Project Manager

Brian Weston


Kendra Mull


Amanda Coolidge



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