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Financial Strategy for Public Managers

Public Administration, Finance

About this Project

You can read the book online, or download it in different formats from the book homepage! If you want to adopt this book, please let us know.

This text is designed for students in Master of Public Administration programs. It could serve as the core text for a comprehensive introductory graduate or advanced undergraduate course on public financial management. It could also complement university courses or continuing professional education on public finance, public budgeting, tax policy, and non-profit finance. It covers the core concepts and analytical tools of accounting, financial statement analysis, cost analysis, and budgeting, all with applications to public sector organizations. The text is organized around financial management strategy. That is, how do managers in public sector organizations use financial information to design programs, implement policies, and advocate for their organization’s mission? 

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This project couldn’t happen without your participation. All contributing authors will be credited prominently in their chapter, the book, the metadata and promotional materials. All editors, reviewers and other contributors will also be credited.


Apurva Ashok

Project Manager

John Topinka